We design with you the future of your company

We work with you to understand your company and your I+D+I strategy in order to plan the most appropriate activities to achieve your business objectives.

Inndromeda is the Alliance in Innovative Technologies for the productive system of the Valencian Community and its public sector.

Our aim is to provide companies in any sector in the Valencia Region and its public sector with access to the enabling or innovative technologies that will define the future of our economy and our society.


The keys to the new economy

Artificial intelligence and computing

Technologies that enable a machine or device to acquire and apply knowledge and perform intelligent behaviour.

Advanced industrial technologies

Innovative technologies aimed at improving products or manufacturing processes or the production of goods.

Cyber security

Technologies to ensure complete data protection, secure digital communications and protect digital transactions

Cyber connectivity

Technologies for enabling connectivity, interaction and collaboration between individuals, things, machines and digital assets/systems

Advanced materials and nanotechnology

Lower cost materials with higher properties and technologies with the potential to lead to radical breakthroughs.

Micro/Nano Electronics and photonics

Key enabling technologies for digital transformation and for the effective exploitation of light sources.

Biotechnologies / Life science technologies

Bio-inspired technologies like advanced biomaterials and bioelectronics, biomedical engineering and neuroscience technologies


Design Thinking to evolve your business


2.Education and inspiration

3.Definition and focus

4.Idea/Project generation

5.Validation, prototyping and testing



8.Support activities


Access digital services free of charge

We actively participate in the Digital Innovation Hub where you can access multiple digital services free of charge. We will help you to make the most of all the benefits.