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Inndromeda is the Alliance in Innovative Technologies for the productive system of the Valencian Community and its public sector.

It is an initiative that brings together the business community, universities, technology and research centres and public administrations from all over the Valencian Community with a single purpose:

To promote the implementation of innovative technologies in companies in the Valencian Community.

Inndromeda promotes the development and implementation of Enabling Technologies in the Valencia Region.

These knowledge-intensive technologies are catalogued as potential inducers of disruptive innovations for the economy and society in the coming years.

These technologies are characterised by:

1. High degree of knowledge integrated

2. Rapid adoption

3. High capital investment requirement capital

4. High impact

5. Combination of innovations

At Inndromeda, we offer advice and training to all types of companies with the main objective of speeding up the incorporation of enabling technologies.

Inndromeda Methodology

We work together with business associations and companies in our ecosystem to identify needs and opportunities for technological innovation. With this, we design and programme projects and activities that are appropriate to their objectives in the field of technological I+D+D, at sectoral and company level.

1. Exploring the technological innovation ecosystem

2. Training, capacity building and inspiration

3. Opportunity definition

4. Generation of ideas and projects

5. Validation, prototyping and testing of new technologies

6. Accompaniment in the management of technology development and implementation projects

7. Documentation of successful cases and projects