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Services across the technology adoption value chain

We identify opportunities to incorporate innovative technologies and develop activities to help business associations and companies achieve their technology adoption goals.

1 Services Portfolio

Faced with a problem or opportunity, we propose a technological innovation solution.
We provide companies with a clear vision around a technological axis or technology, identifying the main suppliers, I+D+I projects, validation infrastructures, capabilities and funding opportunities.  
We organise dynamic sessions for the generation of technological projects with project design methodology based on design thinking and Inndromeda’s project management methodologies.  enlace
We design and execute validation and training projects around the network of demonstration and technological experimentation spaces.  
We organise outreach programmes, lectures and training on enabling technologies.  
We prepare portfolios of potential technological implementation projects in companies for development by technological talent from Vocational Training, Degree, Master’s and Doctorate programmes.  
We coordinate group sessions / hackathons to generate technological projects based on Inndromeda’s methodology.  enlace

We drive technological innovation through the Inndromeda Tech Boost methodology

Boost 1

Identification of technology implementation opportunities and generation of technology implementation ideas and projects.

Boost 2

Support to technology implementation managers to comprehensively address the generation of opportunities, ideas and projects, identification of main suppliers and the implementation of internal, academic and open innovation projects in the company.

2. Metodologie

Inndromeda’s Tech Boost metodologie


Technological diagnosis and definition of objectives.

Education on innovative technologies.

Identifying challenges aligned with the strategy that can be addressed with technology.

Definition of technology focus áreas​.

Scouting of technology providers and demonstration infrastructures.

Expert talks on technologies of interest.

Development of portflio of opportunities.

Development of a portfolio of technological application ideas.

Development of portfolio of projects.

Participation in open innovation projects.

Development of portfolio of projects.

Inndromeda’s Ecosystem

Get the most out of the technological ecosystem that makes up Inndromeda: research, ongoing projects, testing infrastructures and access to the largest network of experts in enabling technologies in the Valencian Community.​


Tech Sessions

Sessions based on a proprietary methodology focused on detecting where to apply the technology, creative ways of how it could be implemented and finally projecting these initiatives.​



Sectoral adoption studies and models

Active participation in the technology ecosystem

Identification of training needs and design of materials

Tech Day

Ad hoc presentation of previously conducted sectoral study

2.Education and inspiration

Success cases

KET management training

Tech sessions

Inndromeda community and events

Training plans for companies

3.Definition and focus

Working groups

Tech sessions

Tech challenge (TFG/TFM/PhD)

Project design

4.Idea/Project generation

Tech sessions

Tech challenge

5.Validation, prototyping and testing

Technology demonstrator network

Support through Inndromeda partners

Assistance in project definition and validation


Guides and support for companies to access technology demonstrators

Implementation guides

Project Management Office


Success cases documentation

Mapping and training design

Projects documentation

8.Support activities

Mapping of demonstrators and experimentation spaces

Mapping skills and competences

Identification of training needs and design of materials

Monitoring technology trends

Advice for financing technological innovation